Our experienced senior doctors and well trained young doctors speak fluent english to give you the best option for your pets health problems.Feel free to visit us for consultation and for any enquiries or appointment online please feel free to contact us here otherwise contact our number on this website.


Hospitalizing and Boarding


We offer quality boarding and hospitalization services for dogs and cats in the Bali Areas. You can trust us that your pets are well cared for and safe. Cages and rooms are all clean and we have big space for dogs and cats for them to walk and run around. For more information, to schedule a pre-boarding visit, or to make a reservation, contact us.




Vaccines are important both for cats and dogs. Routine vaccination is the only to prevent disease. There are various vaccinations needed for your pets. For example, Bali has rabies problem in epidemic level, definitely all dogs and cats need Rabies vaccination.

There are important diseases occured on dogs and cats in Bali such as parvo virus, parainfluenza, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, kennel cough and rabies. These diseases is very difficult to cure or even cannot be cured once your pets got it. Eventhough it could be cured, the journey may take a very long time and with a high cost of treatment.

For this reasons, we suggest that pet owners to do prevention instead of waiting for the disease to occur. We recommend you to follow the proper vaccination schedule to avoid the risk of hazardous diseases to your pets.

Pre-Vaccination Test

We have various inhouse rapid test for accurate diagnosis which can be used for pre-vaccination screening including Toxoplasma, CPV, CD, FVP, FIP, Corona Virus, Rabies, Blood Paracite etc. Prevaccination test is needed in order to be causious when there is high risk of virus incubation.


Pet Dentistry


Pet teeth dentistry such as dogs and cats teeth scalling. Dental care. Dogs and cats can not brush their teeth and can not visit dentist neither. It is a common health problem both cats and dogs. Sometimes even it can be very painful for pets rotten teeth. So you have to take your pet regularly to vet at least once a year for checking their teeth. Usually vets will not give any medication for pet teeth but only cleaning like scalling or even brushing only.

Comon signs of teeth problems on dogs are like:

  • Red or swollen gums (sometimes even bleeding)
  • Bad Breath
  • Excessive saliva production
  • Putting paws on face like scratching his own face
  • Avoiding eating hard and dry foods
  • Yellowish or brown teeths (usually it is tartar)

Those are some of the symptoms that you can suspect your dog has teeth or mouth problems. Even they do not have a problem you should regularly visit vet for checking their teeth.

Dental problems can trigger other problems like in humans. Those are usually gastrointestinal problems or even like heart, liver, lung, kidney problems.

We in Bali Vet Clinic give dental care. We can also help you to show how to take care of your dogs teeth by yourself and maintenance it and can suggest you what kind of food and diet you should apply for your dog.




Bali is part of Indonesia, a tropical country with a constant temperature ranges 28°- 32° and humidity 70-90%. Bali climate, compare to 4 seasons countries affecting furry pets having susceptible to skin problems. Bali Veterinary Clinic and Hospital doctors have long term ex

pertise with complete facilities to tackle wide range of skin problem in pets in Bali. Dr Made Restiati has a long term interest in new approach to tackle skin diseases in dog in Bali including “Immune Mediates Supression” problem which is very common in Bali. Her new approach received international honorable mention in an International Seminar in Istanbul in 2006 for presenting the paper on “Tropical

Country Skin Disease Treatment” Recently we also proudly announce for collaboration with Mt. Pleasant Vet Centre in immune therapy specializing on tropical condition


In-house Diagnostic and Imaging Labs


We have a complete inhouse laboratory equipments such as X-Ray with automatic film developer, Blood Analyzer (CBC), Blood Chemistry Test, USG (Ultrasonography), Microscope, Gas Anaesthetic Machine, Intensive Care Unit Tools (Monitors, Oxygen depo room), ECG, Complete dental scaler Test, Cauterizer.

Also Rapid Viral and Bacterial Tests (Rabies, Distember, Parvo, Toxoplasma, FIP, etc), Culture tissue for fungus, USG, Microscope, Sucker, Gas Anaesthetic, Intensive Care Unit tools like ECG (Electrocardiography). Also we have trained and experienced doctors and technicians to use all those equipments. In addition, recent collaborion with Mt. Pleasant Veterinary Centre Singapore  we provide “Immuno Therapy” for atopic allergy or immune system supression skin problems.




Our orthopedic surgeon has national and international certification and standard in doing such surgery.
So, your pets don’t have to be sent overseas to get medical surgery procedure. We could do it right here in Bali.


Puppy / Kitten Care


Having puppies or kittens are not as easy as we think. It’s always enjoying being a good mother.

Pup’s or kitten’s need to milk with their mother every hour. When the mother of the puppees and kittens unable to milk them, this obviously harm their lives.

Our trained attendant could help extending their survival by pampering them in a right way.




Our ambulance serves Denpasar and mainly south Bali area:

  • Nusa Dua
  • Pecatu
  • Bukit
  • Tuban
  • Jimbaran
  • Kedonganan
  • Tuban
  • Kuta
  • Legian
  • Seminyak
  • Kerobokan
  • Canggu
  • Berawa
  • Echo Beach
  • Pererenan
  • Seseh
  • Tanah Lot
  • Also Denpasar and Sanur area


Internal Medicine


We will look at anything that has to do with vital organs including: Hormonal problems, hematology, gastroenterology, nutrition, nephrology, urology, immune-mediated diseases, and infectious diseases. Bali Veterinary Team through international courses and experiences working together to find the best solution for your pet internal problems.

But most important? After all, the most important is, our compassionate care, and your dedication for your pets to allow us to do the best treatment is the best solution.


Minor and Major Surgery


At this moment, Bali Veterinary Clinics are the first and the only licensed and certified “Veterinary Clinics” in Bali that could initiate minor to major animal surgery.

The license and certification means that our building facility met the requirement of the government regulation including building permit, environment assesment and complete facilties for the estalishment purpose which treatment and surgery procedure carried out with the right and safest way possible to maintain the best for animals.

To ensure the safety of surgery procedures, complete presurgery procedure must be done such as heart condition test and complete blood test (CBC and Biochemistry test).

  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Opthalmosurgery
  • Oncosurgery
  • Dental Surgery

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